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Operational headquarters in Ardauli


How does PSEM arrive in Sardinia?

The Professional Service and Management, decides to expand the operations to the island of Sardinia in 2015, in conjunction with the opening of the offices in Montalto di Castro. The offices are located in the province of Oristano, in Ardauli. 

The services offered are those of operation and management of ground and residential plants, and a small part is engaged in the development of large ground plants in collaboration with PSEM 4.0. 

To date, the Professional Service and Management, in collaboration with the various Sardinian municipalities, aims to give value to the small municipalities of Sardinia through the compensatory works associated with the construction of photovoltaic systems. The compensatory works aim at the valorisation of the territory through the implementation or construction of infrastructures and services in favor of the population. 

Where we are?

Via fra Tommaso, 44
09081 Ardauli (OR)

Tel: 0766 - 830194

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