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We foster growth

The "Professional Service & Management" (PS&M) has been operating successfully in the renewable energy sector for years. On behalf of companies and international investment funds, it manages the maintenance with the "Full Service" formula of several MW of photovoltaic plants located throughout most of the national territory. This has allowed the company, especially in recent years, to develop high technical-specialist skills that can be made available to all "Energy Producers" who, for whatever reason, find themselves in difficulty with the management and maintenance of the plants.

Roadmap of Professional Service and Management

Professional Service & Management (PS&M) is a company specialized in the installation, maintenance and repair of electrical and thermal systems, as well as in the supply and installation of energy production plants from renewable sources.variable, especially of photovoltaic systems. It was born in Montalto di Castro (VT) where, to date, there is the largest concentration of photovoltaic plants in Italy. PS&M, already strong in its skills, has greatly increased its experience in recent years, which has made a significant work of corporate renewal and reorganization necessary. Among the various milestones that bear witness to the growth of the company in recent years, we mention:

  1. In 2017, given the company's growth, a new, larger operational and functional headquarters was inaugurated.

  2. In 2018 it expanded its staff by inserting a new "Development" sector

  3. It has obtained the ISO 9001:2015 Certification

  4. It has obtained the ISO 45000:1 Certification

  5. It acquired the shares of the company IMPACTS, a first-level spin-off of ENEA. Thanks to the acquisition of the shares of this company, PS&M will be able to boast a high-level partnership in the research and development sectors. IMPACTS srl is, in fact, a company established in 2010 as a spin-off of ENEA, made up of a team of professionals operating on an international scale capable of designing and managing sustainable energy systems

  6. In October 2020, through the transfer of a business branch by Professional Service & Management srl (PS&M), PSEM 4.0 was born, a company for the development of ground-mounted photovoltaic systems. 

PSEM 4.jpeg

Our interests are yours too

We are a company that deals with sustainability services with particular attention to renewable energy. Our goal: Implement solutions to achieve a net zero carbon footprint and enable a sustainable transition to a carbon-free economy around the world.

To date, these are our results: 


Tons of CO2 saved

Over 1000 tons/year of CO2 saved 


MW installed of residential systems

1MW of residential photovoltaic systems installed


O&M operations on large plants

105 plants under management for ordinary maintenance

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