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Enhancement of the territory through energy efficiency in the marine area

Taken from ''Il Corriere'' Litorale Special on 06/25/2022.

Company growth has accelerated dramatically in the past six months. One of the most interesting projects was the installation of a photovoltaic system of around 100kW on the irregular roof of a factory on the Harmine seafront (in the figure). As far as installations are concerned, the company policy is to be able to guarantee zero impact for businesses and individuals. Using the PSEM design it is, in fact, possible to be able to avoid energy waste. A not insignificant virtue, which is grafted into a broader discussion, which also concerns the state of health of the planet, which is increasingly in difficulty due to the ongoing climate change, also favored by years of exaggerated and in many ways irresponsible consumption .

Training project in collaboration with Aega Asa


PS&M in December 2017 launched an educational project aimed at the V classes of the primary school ofMontalto di Castro, where an overview of renewable energies was illustrated to the students, focusing on the operation and benefits of photovoltaic systems.

The project included a field visit, where the students were able to see up close the whole process of transforming solar energy.

In collaboration with the Aega Asa company, it was possible to educate the classes to safeguard the territory and to valorise renewable energy for a more ''Green'' future, far from the abuse of fossil fuels, harmful to today's and future generation. 

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We invest in the future

Taken from Summer Solar PV Workshop 25-June 27, 2021.


Our partner Aega Asa, in collaboration with the University of Basilicata and "Mondi Lucani" organized a meeting in an industrial photovoltaic park in Basilicata with some students of the University of Basilicata, to give them the opportunity to increase experience and "know how " on a topic of vital importance today: renewable energy sources.

Field demonstrations were held by PS&M technicians and engineers. 

An enlightening initiative for the education of future generations!


Tratto da ''Il Corriere Di Viterbo'' in data 05/06/2023

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